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 The World's First AI-Powered Sports Tracking Phone Mount

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Starting at $239 | Super Early Bird |  Up to $ 260 OFF


Your Best AI Sports Cameraman 

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Introducing the XbotGo Chameleon, a consumer-grade AI Sports Tracking Camera System. Equipped with a dual-camera setup and a 120-degree ultra wide-angle lens, it offers auto-tracking for 20+ sports, ensuring professional-level sports filming. Experience automatic highlight generation and seamless live streaming through the XbotGo app, powered by XbotVision 2.0 AI. With complimentary cloud storage, the XbotGo Chameleon ingeniously captures and preserves every athletic moment, redefining the essence of passion in sports.

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Automatically Capture Over 20 Sports Scenes

The XbotGo Chameleon excels in versatile sports scene tracking, automatically following and capturing one or two players in activities like gymnastics, tennis, or boxing etc. Tailored for team sports tracking, it effortlessly covers soccer, basketball, hockey, football, rugby, lacrosse and more. This groundbreaking technology offers unmatched precision and flexibility, seamlessly capturing crucial moments from any distance. Elevate your teams performance analysis with this ultimate AI-powered innovation in sports capture.

Your Smartphone, Your Evolving AI Cameraman

XbotGo Chameleon turns your smartphone into an AI cameraman, ready to operate independently with a simple setup. It offers features like auto-capturing, auto-streaming, and upcoming auto highlight generation. Furthermore, the XbotGo App consistently updates based on user feedback, technological advancements, and innovative ideas from our R&D team, making it even better and smarter over time.

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Revolutionary Team Sports Tracking

Our groundbreaking XbotVision 2.0 algorithm redefines sports tracking in team sports by harnessing cutting-edge analysis of the target's trajectory (ball) and players' poses and movements. Experience precise prediction and tracking like never before. Get ready to redefine your sports experience!

Accurate Player Tracking 

Leveraging re-identification technology, FollowMe 2.0 intelligently identifies and locks onto an athlete based on their appearance, body shape, jersey number, and more, ensuring seamless tracking even amidst distractions. It can also zoom in to keep the subject prominently within the frame, delivering sharp and professional footage.

Starting at $239 | Super Early Bird |  Up to $ 260 OFF

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Hardware Improvements 

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Ultra Wide-Angle AI Lens

The newly added 120° ultra wide-angle AI lens captures nearly the entire field without blind spots, offering swift responsiveness to fast-paced moments like quick attacks and long shots. When combined with the XbotVision 2.0 Algorithm, tracking accuracy can be enhanced by up to 50%.

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Advanced AI Sports Analysis Engine

The newly integrated AI coprocessor functions as a dedicated AI sports engine for the smartphone, enabling over 20 analyses per second. This offloads more than 60% of deep learning tasks from the smartphone to the AI engine, significantly enhancing smartphone efficiency. Consequently, the smartphone supports superior video quality, extended recording time, and reduced heating.

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Extended Battery Life: Up to 8+ Hours

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Equipped with an impressive 7000 mAh battery, our AI camera system delivers one of the longest battery lives in its class. Enjoy uninterrupted operation for over 8 hours, empowering you to capture every moment without worrying about power constraints. Whether you’re shooting outdoors or covering full-day events, the Chameleon camera excels, ensuring you never miss a single precious shot. Its exceptional battery life sets it apart as a reliable companion for all your photography needs.

360° Panoramic Tracking

With its cutting-edge industrial and mechanical design, our latest innovation brings you the remarkable ability to achieve seamless 360° panoramic tracking. Experience the thrill of capturing breathtaking moments with a wider field of view, ensuring consistent and immersive footage. This feature is particularly ideal for capturing dynamic scenes like figure skating, dancing, and track and field events, providing you with unparalleled versatility and stunning visual results.

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What Our Clients Say

Soccer Practice
" We used XbotGo to record our child's soccer game, and every goal was captured perfectly. These are precious memories that our family will treasure forever. "

—Emily Johnson (Parent's Story)

Starting at $239 | Super Early Bird |  Up to $ 260 OFF

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